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l. Description of the Contest

  1. The Contest of the Inicjatywa ENTRY is open to alumni graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the consecutive year.
  2. The aim of the Contest is to give the opportunity for developing a self-dependent artistic activity within the first year after graduating and receiving a diploma from the Academy.

2. Prizes

Prizes of the Contest are:
  1. Grants of the equal amount ; number and value of which will be annually defined by the Inicjatywa ENTRY - minimum two of value no lower than 15 000 (fifteen thousand) zloty.
  2. Exhibition of the winners' works organised by Galeria Promocyjna in Warsaw, summarizing the annual artistic work of the laureate.

3. Terms of the Payment.

The Prizes will be paid out through the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

4. Selection of Laureates. Awarding Prizes.

  1. Selection of the laureates and Prize awarding will be by the Jury of the Contest appointed by the Rector of the Academy, and the representatives of the Galeria Promocyjna and the Inicjatywa ENTRY.
  2. The Jury will select the laureates after reviewing all entries submitted by the eligible Entrants.
  3. When making a decision, the Jury will not follow the grades got by the Entrants during their studies.
  4. The Jury will select laureates and will award Prizes no later than by 23 December each calendar year.

5. Who can enter the Contest.

Each edition of the Contest is open to the alumni who in the current calendar year:
  1. graduated and received their diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and
  2. submitted on time the complete entry as specified in section 6.

6. Submission of Entries

  1. The entry must be submitted to the Academy of Fine Arts' Rector's office by 30 November.
  2. The entry must include:
    a) Curriculum vitae of the Entrant;
    b) Description of the artworks, with a special emphasis on the painting works made by the Entrant during the studies, along with the picture or digital documentation;
    c) Description of art plans of the Entrant for the period of 12 months starting from the date of awarding the Prize.

7. Final regulations.

  1. Present Contest Regulations are the only document defining the Contest rules and regulations. All matters not included in the present Regulations will be dealt with by the Jury only.
  2. Any complaints against the Jury's decision must be filed in writing at the Academy of Fine Arts' Rector's office within 7 days starting from the date of the announcement of the Contest results.
  3. Complaint must include name, surname and postal address of the Entrant, as well as a writing justification of the complaint.
  4. All complaints will be considered by the Jury within 14 days starting from the day of receipt of the complaint.
  5. The complainant will be notified about the results of the complaint by a registered letter. The Jury's decision is final.
  6. Any claims resulting from the participation in the Contest are subject to expiration after 30 days starting from the day of the Winner's proclamation.